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My promise

Wedding photography is not for the faint hearted. It’s a fast paced and crazy world, anything can happen at any time and preparation is KEY! This is where the fun starts for me, I work best under high pressure situations and I love the unexpected. As you come to know me you will understand I’m extremely organised and thinking about the details is my thing. For me organisation is important because on the wedding day itself everything and anything can and will happen so if I go in with an organised mind it’s easy to deal with whatever occurs because I have a clear goal in mind.

I have a very particular style and that’s most probably the reason you’re booking me as your photographer. And to achieve this style I have a certain work flow. Every part of the wedding day will be planned and discussed during the planning and meeting session. Nothing is left out because I love the details (told you so) and since everything will be talked about it will give you peace of mind and a much clearer idea of what’s going to happen.

Most couples want natural photos and candid shots. But what people don’t usually know is that most candid shots are planned by the photographer. We need to look at the light at all times, consider our camera settings, think about composition and how each person is going to look in that particular image. I usually know what’s going to happen so even though these shots are planned it will still look candid. Most of the day I will let you be and just give you subtle directions if needed. During bridal portraits you will be directed a lot but unless I’m going for a particular style I will still make these shots look natural. I am a woman with many tricks up my sleeve and I love vibrant and natural photography as much as I do posed fashion like photography so I will always play around with different styles. There will be soft quiet romantic moments, super vibrant scenic shots, dark and colourful silhouettes, black and white magic, in the moment party shots and just some beautiful random shots – I DO IT ALL.

My promise is very big and broad because a wedding photographer is not just a photographer – we become so much more than that. You need to choose a photographer that will help you with your whole day not just the photography side of it. Someone with vast experience who can think quickly under pressure and fixes things when needed. A person that will make you feel comfortable when you’re nervous and a person who will make you laugh to get some fun shots even though your mother has just upset you. A stable pillar that will guide you through your day and that you can lean on before, during and after the wedding. My experience is priceless and after photographing countless weddings I’m not fazed by anything. I love to use my creativity with your personalities and create something unique yet still in my own style. With me by your side you can actually enjoy your wedding day because I will be thinking for you instead.
So that’s my promise to you – I become your shadow and friend and your laugh when you need it but I never loose sight of why I’m there for you. 

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