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This is me, Joelle.

I don’t take life too seriously because where is the fun in that! I live for my two kids and husband, they are the best things in this whole world (yes I’m very biased). And I just realised one kid is missing from our family pic because I’m usually photographing other families, oops will fix this later!
I would describe myself as driven, happy and connected. Other things I love are gardening, cooking and animals. My poison is a good shiraz when it’s winter and a nice cold beer in summer. I’m Dutch in case you didn’t know and I moved to Australia when I was 15 and the first thing I wanted to learn was how to convert my humour into English because having a laugh is the essence of who I am. My humour tends be to sarcastic. My life’s goal is to be just happy as we never know when that last day comes. The best things in life are a hot shower, that coffee in the afternoon and a random loving hug from my kids that ends in a smack on the bottom because I have to haha. There is much more to me than just this little page but at least you know what you’re in for now 😉


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