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The Pandemic Project

Extreme lifestyle changes.
Social distancing.

Life during the pandemic has been so extremely unique that I, as a creative person, couldn’t let this opportunity go by and decided to document history in the making. Rather than focusing on politics or the medical world, I decided to focus on the community and really capture regular life in isolation. I’ve visited 16 different households all around Hobart and it’s been the most wonderful experience. Every family was completely different with houses and gardens of all shapes and a big variety of personalities. However everyone had one thing in common – a need to have some fun! 
I’m extremely happy with the results and I would like to give a big thank you to all the families who participated and invited me into their interesting pandemic lives. 

Each family was asked the same question – what do you do during isolation with your family? They showed me their activities and I simply documented it all in an artistic and interesting way. As a wedding photographer I usually check out locations before a shoot so I can visualise most of the shots in my head but just rocking up at someones house with only 20-30 minutes max to capture their lives and personalities while maintaining social distancing was something else. Photography is a really personal profession and it felt quite weird not being able to get close to anyone – I usually have a few kids hanging on my legs begging for a photo or even a humble handshake when saying goodbye wasn’t allowed. 
I loved every minute of it and this whole experience influenced my photography style in the most beautiful way. I definitely pushed myself and learnt that you can take wonderful photos anywhere as long as you are able to see something beautiful in the most simple things like a brick wall, an interesting texture, a sharp line or even a whole in the fence ( and of course nice lighting for all the photographers out there 😉 ). But most of all, the magic really happens when all of the above gets captured with raw emotions, real moments and and true personalities. 

Enjoy the gallery!


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